MSU Layout Updates for 2022-2023

We have updated the Multiple Student Upload (MSU) file for SY 2022-23. The most notable of these updates is the Course Number requirement for eighth-grade students enrolled in High School Physical Science. Course Number is required, so the student is assigned the appropriate science test, either Grade 8 Science or High School Physical Science (not both). The Assessment Division has already communicated these changes to the SIS Vendors and asked that the updated MSU file extract be ready by early August 2022. Districts are encouraged to reach out to their SIS Vendor representative if they have any questions about the availability of the updated MSU, and STCs should ensure that their local technology staff and SIS data clerks are aware of this change.

In the same correspondence to SIS Vendors, the Assessment Division also communicated the need for extracting students for the MSU file based on enrollment date. Although districts typically upload all enrolled students in the initial MSU, there are times when a supplemental MSU extract is needed, for instance, when new students enroll after the original MSU has been extracted and uploaded. If your district would benefit from this added functionality, please contact your local technology person and your SIS Vendor representative to discuss potential options.