Assessment Planning: SY 2022-2023

Below are key considerations to assist STCs in planning local assessment activities for the SY 2022-2023. 


  • The STC should work with school and district leaders to create a local assessment calendar that accounts for state-mandated, college entrance (e.g., ACT, SAT), Advanced Placement (AP), formative, and local benchmark assessments. 
  • Share the district calendar with district leadership, all staff members, parents, and students. 
  • There should be a clear training plan for SchTCs, examiners, and other staff members. • Plan technology early in the year to ensure enough devices and ancillary equipment is ready for testing. 
  • There should be clear communications with other departments to prepare for and set up accommodations. 
  • Each assessment has a process for student and test setup before administration. Students should receive training on the format of the assessment. 
  • The district should have a plan for reviewing and sharing reports. Access the Assessment Plan Template here or download it from the For Educators webpage.


Dates Assessment Tasks and Reminders 

2/28/2022 – 6/3/2022 Spring 2022 EOC Test Setup Window 

4/18/2022 – 7/22/2022 Summer 2022 EOG Retest Test Setup Window 

5/9/2022 – 7/15/2022 End of Grade Retest Window 

5/16/2022 – 7/20/2022 2022 EOC Test Setup Window 

6/13/2022 – 7/15/2022 Summer 2022 EOC Window

8/1/2022 – 8/19/2022 August 2022 Mid-Month EOC


Window Contacts: